Notes on: The musicality of language: knowing how to ‘go on’


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The strange nature of “the Dialogical”

The Dialogical

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The Occasioning of ‘Providential’ Change

Change happens 1

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Some felt consequences of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ communication

Some felt consequences of good and bad communication1

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Why being dialogical must come before being logical – the need for a hermeneutical-dialogical approach to robotic activities

Why being dialogical

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A short meditation on explaining ‘this dialogical stuff’ to others:

A short meditation on a CEO’s question

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The end of rational planning and the turn to conversational communities


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There is always a ‘something more’

Without the more continually sought by our forebears

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Relational Subjectivity: Recovering our Living Relations to our Surroundings

QRM 2014

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Psychiatric diagnoses, thought styles, and ex post facto fact fallacies

Taos Abstract

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The “Background” in Wittgenstein and others


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A precursor-world to the Cartesian world: the “primordial” or the “Background”

Precursor world Background

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